How to Choose the Best Tyre for You

There is a general misapprehension that all tyres are the same – black and round – but nothing could be further from the truth.

There are many different tyre brands available on the market, available in different sizes and profiles, and manufactured with different technology, different rubber compounds, different tread patterns etc., all of which affect tyre performance.

Choosing the best tyres for your vehicle can be a minefield, so how do you decide which tyres are the best for you?

The right tyre for your vehicle will depend on what you use your vehicle for and your driving style, so it’s important to consider what your individual needs are before you buy your tyres.

Do you do a lot of highway driving or is most of your driving focused on short journeys in urban areas? Do you prefer a sporty driving style or is comfort more important to you?

You may also be asking yourself whether you should place your tyres with the same brand and model of tyres that you already have on your vehicle.

Some vehicles, especially some high-performance cars come fitted with tyres at original equipment level that have been specifically designed with that vehicle in mind.

If in doubt, check your vehicle handbook or contact the manufacturer.

In general, though it is worth bearing in mind that different brands and models of tyre perform differently, so using a mix of tyres on your vehicle can lead to uneven
performance, increasing the risk of accident

It is generally advisable to maintain the same tyres on all wheels, and certainly across the same axle.

You may also be looking at your budget and trying to decide whether to buy a premium tyre or an economy tyre.

Generally, the best advice is to buy the best tyres you can afford. You will have noticed that tyre prices vary considerably, and there is a reason for that.

Premium tyres from the major manufacturers tend to be better than economy tyres because they incorporate the very latest in R&D to optimise tyre performance and safety, so although these tyres might appear more expensive at first sight, they will generally provide a better investment in the long run.

To get an idea of how individual tyre brands and models perform against their competitors, check out the regular tyre tests published in the specialist motoring press, which will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each tyre.

Many of these tests are available online.

Additional Points to Help You Choose the Best Tyre

What else should you consider? Well, here are a couple of additional points worth bearing in mind.

a. Wet Performance

Many of today’s tyres are designed with wet weather performance in mind, and in a climate like Malaysia’s it is always worth checking out how individual tyres perform in terms of wet grip and aquaplaning.

It is in extreme weather conditions when the value of your tyres become most apparent.    

b. Fuel Economy

One thing which is not universally understood is that the tyres you put on your vehicle directly impact your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

This is due to the tread compound used, the casing design and the tread pattern. If you would like advice on this, ask a tyre specialist.

If in doubt about any aspect of choosing the right tyres for your car, pop into your nearest Tayaria outlet and speak to one of the trained professionals and ask
for some advice.

They will be able to talk you through the plethora of tyre brands and models on offer and provide you with suitable advice based on your driving needs and preferences.


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