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Tayaria’s Guide for a Fun Family Road Trip

Road trips can be long and tedious, especially for children. Long hours of sitting, monotonous roads and fatigue can make both passengers and the driver have a hard time.

That’s why we are offering these practical tips to make your road trip more en.

1. Bring snacks

It is always a good idea to pack snacks for your family and for yourself.  This will prevent disagreements, unnecessary stops and keep everybody’s energy levels up, so you can all enjoy the road-trip experience. Driving while hungry, just like driving after a large meal, is not a good idea. It is therefore advisable to carry a variety of snacks for the road. Of course, they don’t have to be unhealthy snacks – fruit, fresh juices and homemade sandwiches are excellent options too.

2. Make a family playlist

Another idea to help avoid conflict on the road is to make a family playlist together where each person gets to choose a certain number of songs.

It is an easy and fun way to do something as a family and everyone will have their turn to listen to their favourite music.

3. Pack light

It is always a good idea to pack light, since it will help you save space, time, and fuel. Plus, most Airbnbs and hotels have laundry facilities, so you can wash your clothes at the destination. This will give you more space for important items, such as safety elements.

4. Have car sickness aids handy

There are things you can do to prevent car sickness, such as opening the windows for fresh air, bringing biodramine tablets, chewing gum, or even motion sickness glasses in case one of your family members starts feeling unwell.  

5. Vary your accommodations

Sometimes, staying in more than one accommodation can make the journey less tiresome and more exciting. This tip is particularly useful for very long road trips or when travelling with very young children. Booking more than one accommodation can be a good idea to avoid late-night or sleepy driving. It’s also a new way to discover new spots within your region!

family road trip with children

Ensure a safe journey by having a tire expert inspect your car before hitting the road. It’s a simple step that can prevent potential issues and keep your family safe.


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