4 Critical Tips Ladies Aren’t Taught In Driving School

Have you seen a guy fumble through a kitchen, struggling to whip up a meal let alone a good one? Well, I won’t go into gender stereotyping as some really good cooks are men. Similarly, women (and guys, mind you!) can find the mechanics of a car challenging. Well what do I have to say to that? Leave that to the experts and engineers. Your primary role as a driver is to drive safely, make sure your car is serviced well and to know what to do when you experience car trouble. It really isn’t rocket science. So here are some nifty tips you will need to know to achieve that goal. Bear with me, they may sound basic and downright common sense but it does bear mentioning because most of the time it isn’t taught in driving school.

#1 Spa for your car – your car needs regular attention

Every car has a scheduled service date set both by time and distance. In most cases, your regular service center will place a reminder removable windscreen sticker with the date and mileage for your next service. So be ready to check that. This not only affects the performance of your car but also prevents breakdowns also known as preventive maintenance.

Once you’ve got that out of the way, there is very little you need to be concerned about besides refueling and the following few tips.

#2 Staying pumped!

Since there is already an article on how to maintain your tyres, here’s a quick tip. Tyres need to be checked and pumped at least once a month. Doing so prevents faster wear and tear and also improves on your car mileage, in other words, you will save money. But most importantly, this will keep your tyres in optimum performance which results in a safer drive.

#3 Having a friendly regular mechanic always helps

Obviously for more aged cars, more attention is needed. So having a regular mechanic you can rely on helps whenever you experience any trouble, like a tyre puncture, wiper fluid, etc. These mechanics are there for issues that require immediate attention but for any major issues and especially for new cars within its warranty period, you must return your car to an official service center to address any issues. (Refer to your car manual or talk to your car salesperson for the terms of your car warranty).

What about things outside of your control? Like a car breakdown? Here are some helpful pointers to take note of:

#4 Emergency essentials to have at all times

The main thing to ensure during a car breakdown is your personal safety before you attend to your car. So here are a few things to make sure you have with you:

1. Charged up battery bank and the relevant charging cables to ensure that you are connected to get help and to keep your loved ones informed.

2. Save emergency numbers on the favourite contact list on your phone so you can access them fast and you won’t have to recall who you are supposed to contact or ask for road assistance. Most insurance company provides 24/7 breakdown service, the number might be stuck to your road tax sticker.

3. Umbrellas or ponchos in case of rain. Having a poncho means you will have both hands free instead of one.

4. A rain-resistant and bright torch light for emergencies (some can double up as a defensive weapon if large enough).

5. Drinking water, in case there is a delay in the road assistance.

6. A waterproof bag to keep your emergency items in. Only bring your essentials above with you. Keep the rest in the boot of your car. The less you have to manage the better.

Be sure to read this article on what to do when your car breaks down. Believe it or not, you’re not meant to stay in your car, parked on the side of the road when you have a car breakdown. Yes, even if it rain. In fact especially if it rains.

Photo credit: www.lifehacker.com.au


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