The Dangers of Worn Tyres

Your tyres are the only connection between your vehicle and the road, so it’s vital they are kept in a good state of repair. Tyres which are excessively old or bald can have a severe impact on vehicle safety. It’s easy to work out whether your tyre is worn or not by regularly checking the tread and sidewalls for tread depth as well as for cracks or impact damage.

Are Worn Tyres Safe?

Here are some of the reasons why it’s vital to make sure your tyres are fit for the road

1.       Bald tyres overheat. One of the functions of tread grooves on a tyres is to help tyres keep cool by allowing air to flow between the grooves. When the tread wears away the whole of the tread surface of a tyre is in constant contact with the road surface, making the tyre heat up quicker and making it more susceptible to a blowout

2.       Bald tyres increase the risk of aquaplaning. The tread grooves on your tyres allow the tyres to disperse surface water on the road. The more your tyres wear, the more difficult it becomes for the tyres to remove water from the road, thus increasing the risk of aquaplaning and causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle.

3.       Longer braking distances. Worn tyres take significantly longer to come to a stop under braking than new ones. This increases the risk of having an accident in wet weather.

4.       Increased risk of impact damage. The less rubber there is on your tyres, the more it is susceptible to damage from road debris, thereby increasing the risk of the tyre rupturing

5.       Increased risk of underinflation. Worn tyres tend to lose air pressure quicker, which if unchecked can cause additional excess wear as well as increased fuel consumption.

What is the Legal Tread Depth for Tyres?

Of course, in addition to the above performance and safety considerations, there is also the law to think about. The legal tread depth limit for car tyres in Malaysia is 1.6mm, so if your tyres are getting close to these limits, then you should consider changing your tyres.

Furthermore, tread depth is not the only thing to consider. If your tyres are more than 5 years old, it is generally recommended to have your tyres checked out by a professional to make sure they are still fit for purpose.

If you’re unsure about the age of your tyres and suspect they may be suffering symptoms associated with the ageing process, then please make sure to drop into your nearest Tayaria outlet and have them checked out by one of our tyre experts. A thorough inspection of your tyres is the best way to assure peace of mind and to reduce the risk of an accident that might otherwise have been avoided.



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