The Dangers of Worn Tyres

Your tires serve as the crucial link between your vehicle and the road, so it’s imperative to maintain them in good condition.

Old or bald tires can significantly impact vehicle safety. You can easily determine if your tires are worn by regularly inspecting the tread and sidewalls for tread depth and signs of damage, such as cracks or impact marks.

Are Worn Tires Safe?

Here are some compelling reasons why ensuring your tires are roadworthy is of utmost importance:

1. Overheating

Bald tires tend to overheat. Tread grooves on tires play a role in keeping them cool by allowing air to circulate between the grooves.

As the tread wears down, the entire surface of the tire contacts the road, causing it to heat up quickly and making it more susceptible to blowouts.

2. Aquaplaning Risk

Tread grooves help disperse surface water on the road, reducing the risk of aquaplaning. As tires wear, they struggle to remove water from the road, increasing the likelihood of aquaplaning and potentially leading to loss of vehicle control.

3. Longer Braking Distances

Worn tires require significantly more distance to come to a stop during braking compared to new ones. This extended braking distance increases the risk of accidents, especially in wet weather conditions.

4. Impact Damage

Tires with reduced rubber are more vulnerable to damage from road debris, raising the risk of tire ruptures.

5. Underinflation Risk

Worn tires tend to lose air pressure more rapidly, which, if left unchecked, can result in additional wear and increased fuel consumption.

Legal Tread Depth for Tires

In addition to performance and safety considerations, there’s also the legal aspect to consider. The legal tread depth limit for car tires in Malaysia is 1.6mm.

If your tires are approaching this limit, it’s advisable to consider replacing them. However, tread depth is not the sole factor to assess.

If your tires are over 5 years old, it’s generally recommended to have them inspected by a professional to ensure they are still suitable for use.

If you’re uncertain about the age of your tires or suspect they may exhibit signs of aging, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Tayaria outlet and have them examined by one of our tire experts.

A thorough tire inspection offers peace of mind and reduces the risk of accidents that could otherwise be avoided.

Your safety and that of others on the road should always be a top priority.


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