The benefits of taking a defensive driving course

It doesn’t matter how long ago you got your driver’s licence or how many years of experience you have behind the wheel. Even if you use your car to commute every day, or if you work as a driver, it is always advisable to take a defensive driving course.

in today’s blog, we will be explaining the importance of taking a defensive driving course, as well as some additional benefits that you probably never thought of.

The goal of any defensive driving course is to raise awareness among drivers, and to prepare them for a series of unexpected events that could cause an accident, but it doesn’t stop there. In a defensive driving course, drivers learn defensive driving techniques while acquiring more confidence behind the wheel.

Some of the contents of a defensive driving course include: traffic rules and laws, managing the space around the vehicle, managing speed, maintaining awareness of other road users, effective use of the mirrors, staying alert and aware, and learning how to effectively use light signals.

1.- Safer driving

The most important reason to take up a defensive driving course is becoming a safer driver. By taking this decision, drivers significantly reduce the accident rates in their country, which translates in lower costs, not only for the government, but also for drivers, since auto insurance rates can skyrocket after traffic accidents.

However, defensive driving course is a great idea, even if you were already involved in a car accident. In fact, the defensive driving skills that you’ll learn by taking a defensive driving course will help keep you and others stay safe on the road, since you’ll be ready to handle whatever comes your way, whether it’d be intense traffic, unexpected events on the road, or aggressive drivers.

2.- Lower your risk of losing your license

Learning defensive driving techniques can also prevent you from getting traffic tickets and adding extra points to your driving record. Avoiding traffic tickets helps drivers to save money by reducing fines, whilst keeping a clean driving record reduces the risk of lost wages in the scenario that your license is suspended. A suspended license could also result in increased costs in public transport and taxis.

3.- Avoid accident costs

Traffic accidents are incredibly expensive. If you were involved in an accident, you may end up paying for the damaged vehicle, as well as the medical bills. Also, if you get injured after a car accident, you may need to take some time off-work, which will result in a long-term money loss. That’s why a defensive driving course can help you avoid the costs of an accident, since you’ll be equipped with defensive driving skills, and hence, less likely to cause an accident. Depending on the level of the damage or repair, you can always visit your local Tayaria outlet and have our expert technicians take a look at the level of the repair.

4.- You can qualify for a car insurance discount

If you take a defensive driving course, you can be eligible for a car insurance discount, which means your monthly insurance rate is lowered on average between 5%-10%. If you would like further information on car insurance, you may want to take a look at our blog on car insurance.



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