Ready for the Holidays

We would like to wish our customers a Happy Christmas and offer a few recommendations for the holidays ahead.

Stay Safe in the Christmas Period with Our Driving Tips

The holiday season is here, and with it come the long trips to visit relatives and friends for Christmas.

For that reason, tuning up your car before your road trip is vital. So here are a few tips to make sure both the driver and the vehicle are up to the task.

Planning Ahead

The first thing you want to do is carefully plan the route you will be taking. Long trips are hard enough, but getting lost can turn your holiday trip into a nightmare.

In order to avoid that, try to plan the best route beforehand, including shortcuts, alternative roads (in case there has been an accident, traffic jams, or unexpected works in the road), and find the best places to make some stops on the way.

Rest Areas

Before you start your trip, it is best if you make a list of the rest areas nearby, so you can schedule some stops on the way.

By doing that, not only you´ll be able to take a break from the long hours of driving or even switch with another driver, but you´ll also make the trip safer and also get a chance to get some food and drinks.

Check the Pressure of Your Tyres

Correct tyre pressures can make the difference in terms of road safety.

That’s why you always should check your tyre pressure before starting your road trip. In this sense, it is also important to look out for general wear and tear, splits or bulges.

Regular tyre maintenance checks are vital to avoid problems on the road. It would be also important to check the tyre expiry date and the manufacturing date, in case the tyres need to be replaced.

Additionally, you can also check other safety elements such as the lights, the seatbelts, and your battery.

If you’d like to know more about road safety and long-distance trips, take a look at our long distance survival pack post.

Avoid Heavy Baggage

If you take heavy baggage with you, fuel consumption will inevitably increase, but it can also compromise the vehicle’s safety.

Try to pack as light as possible and place the heaviest items inside the car. As for lighter and bulkier items, they should be safely secured on the roof.

Entertainment and Snacks

This tip is for parents, particularly if they have small children. Always bring with you some snacks, enough water, and toys or something your children can be entertained with.

Long trips can be exhausting for children and the last thing you want is for them to get bored and throw a tantrum.

Too much screentime is not advisable but in this case, it won’t hurt to let them watch a film or two.

Our final advice is to have fun and enjoy the ride. This time of the year is meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, so remember to take it easy and stay safe.

And if you’re still looking for the perfect Christmas gift for this year, take a look at your local Tayaria outlet for the latest offers on tyres and car accessories.


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