How to Stay Safe on the Roads this Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year is almost here, and there is no better way to celebrate it than with family and friends.

With the holidays ahead, road trips become more frequent, and that often leads to congested roads, unexpected breakdowns, and even accidents.

Driving Tips from Tayaria for Your Chinese New Year

So before taking a long trip, there are some safety measures to be taken, such as checking the condition of your vehicle, getting updated road information to avoid
traffic, and carefully planning the route. 

1. Safety First

Before hitting the road, it is important to make sure that all the safety systems of your vehicle are working properly.

In that sense, it is vital to check the tyre pressure. That can either be done by your mechanic, or you can do it yourself with a tyre pressure gauge.

Don’t forget to check the pressure of your spare tyre too!

The vehicle lights should also be inspected, especially before a long road trip.

The best way to check if your lights are working is to turn on your car, switch on the headlights, and make sure both are bright.

It is best if you do it at night, with your vehicle facing a wall. 

2. Check the State of Your Car to Avoid Breakdowns

First of all, check if your engine oil is topped up. This way, you’ll avoid heat build-up and make sure all the moving components work properly.

As mentioned before, checking your tyre pressure is vital before a road trip in order to avoid punctures, but you should also check the wheel alignment.

Remember that driving with unaligned wheels might lead to uneven tyre wear, increase fuel consumption, and compromise the vehicle’s stability.

Also, you might want to check the state of the battery with the help of a multimeter.

It is best if you don’t test the battery right after driving, as you won’t get an accurate diagnosis.

Also, make sure the ends are clean. Further advice in this regard can be found in our Long Distance Survival Pack.

If you are unsure about doing all this yourself, our advice would be to take your car to your cawangan Tayaria tempatan for a full check-up.

This way, you’ll avoid any inconvenience on the road, and you’ll only have to focus on enjoying your holidays.

3. How to Avoid Traffic

When you’re on holidays, the last thing you want is getting stuck for hours in a traffic jam. That’s why it is important to plan your route ahead, and always have
alternative options. 

Before heading out, try to get as much information on the state of the road as you can. To do so, you can listen to traffic reports on television or look it up on the internet.

It is also advisable to memorise the alternative ways to your destination, just in case there’s a traffic jam so that you can change the route without the help of your

4. Avoid the Holiday Rush-hour

People usually start their road trips at the beginning of the Lunar New Year holidays.

That’s why most of the traffic jams take place on the first and last days of holidays. If you can, try to avoid those dates and start your trip at a different time.

Sometimes it is worth it to set your alarm clock a bit earlier in the morning, or waiting a day or two to start your trip.

Now you’re good to go! We hope you found these tips useful, but if you need further advice on road trips, you can take a look at the article Ready for the Holidays on our blog.

Many of our Christmas tips could serve you well on the road this Chinese New Year.

Remember that some of our Tayaria outlets will remain open during the holiday season. However, you can still contact us with the help of our dealer locator.

All that remains for us is to wish you all the best and a happy year of the rabbit for 2023!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!



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