The Future of Tyres: A Look at Future Tyre Technologies and How it Can Change How We Drive

The automotive industry keeps evolving in order to adapt to the latest trends in sustainability, and tyres are no exception.

We can already see some of the innovations that are being developed to further improve the quality, resistance, and sustainability of tyres.

Some of the new advances include tyres equipped with sensors, airless tyres, self-sealing tyres, and 3-D tyres, among others.

In today’s blog, we will take a look at the latest technologies and innovations developed for tyres, and we’ll get a glimpse of what future tyres will look like.

Connected Tyres

The tyres of the future could include sensors that detect any changes in their pressure, temperature, and even the road conditions, while warning messages are displayed on a screen located inside the vehicle.

This way, future tyres will be able to detect and prevent any dangers such as aquaplaning, black ice, or rough roads, and even alert other drivers.

These intelligent tyres have been designed to further improve road safety and reduce the trips to the repair shop.

Airless Tyres

Airless tyres offer a wide range of advantages compared with conventional tyres.

For instance, they’re more reliable, since they are more puncture-resistant than conventional tyres, thus offering a higher level of safety, reliability, and longer lifespan.

Airless tyres’ treads are supported by a robust structure made up of flexible plastic materials, which make them extremely resistant.

They also offer a high load-bearing capacity, which makes them ideal for heavy SUVs.

Thanks to their vibration-damping effect, they offer a comfortable ride for passengers, and since there is no tube inside the tyre, drivers no longer have to worry about maintaining the right tyre pressure.

Self-regenerating Tyres

The idea behind this concept is to create a tyre that doesn’t need to be replaced, which makes this type of tyre a more convenient and sustainable alternative to conventional ones.

This is possible thanks to a special liquid rubber mixture which can be automatically refilled.

3D Printed Tyres

More resistant, easy to manufacture, and puncture-proof, these tyres are based on 3-D airless prototypes.

They are also expected to be biodegradable, which makes them more sustainable than conventional tyres.

3D printed tyres are designed based on an alveolar structure with internal geometries created thanks to 3D printing, which makes them more resistant and durable.

Magnetic Levitation Tyres

This new concept of tyres is based on a spherical 3D design which has the ability to levitate on magnets, by means of the same system which is used on trains.

The principle is simple: the tyres are kept in place with the help of magnets, so there is no contact between the chassis and the wheels.

This results in a smoother ride and enables the car to move freely in all directions, making maneuvers such as parking much easier for drivers.

This prototype is also puncture-proof, which will help in reducing tyre waste while ensuring safety on the roads.

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