5 Apps that will Help You on Your Road Trip

Roadtrips are fun, but it is always a good idea to plan ahead and have some resources in case there is an emergency or if things don’t go as planned.

That’s why, at Tayaria we have prepared a selection of some of the most convenient road trip apps that may come in 

handy when you hit the road. So, sit back, fasten your seatbelt, and get ready to enjoy the ride.


Let’s start with WAZE. At this point many people know this alternative to Google Maps. Waze is a GPS-based navigation system which allows you to transmit and receive traffic information from other drivers.

By providing timely details like accidents, and police cars, WAZE allows you to save time, avoid traffic jams, and stay safe on the road. That’s why it is an essential tool for any road trip.

2. Malaysia Travel Planner

The Malaysia Travel Planner app is designed to the main Malaysian attractions. This app also contains city guides, which come with a sightseeing section with all major monuments and attractions in the country.

It also includes events and cultural festivals happening in the country, along with the dates and locations.

3. Plus App – Live Highway Camera

The PLUS App from PLUS Malaysia Berhad is designed to allow you to to check the actual traffic conditions on your journey.

The App provides real-time access to CCTV footage on the nation’s highways, helping you to avoid traffic jams or to allow you to plan the most convenient and efficient route to get from A to B.

4. MyJPJ App

The MyJPJ app helps provide a simple solution to help if you’ve forgotten to bring your license out with you. This useful app gives immediate access to JPJ services wherever you are.

The app allows users to upload their road tax payments and driving licenses and use them as proof if stopped on the highway.

It also saves running the risk of losing your physical copies, allowing you to store everything on your smartphone.

5. Touch N’ GO – RFID & In-App Topup

Designed for Smart Tag or RFID users, the Touch ‘N Go app function as an e-wallet, but also allows users to link their Touch ‘N Go card for easy card balance reloads directly from the app.

Customers who prefer to top-up method at a Touch N’ Go kiosk are able to find the nearest BHPetrol station to complete the action.

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