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Among the most boring things to do under car maintenance is to fill your tyres with air. It’s something that many ignore until the car next to them at the traffic light taps a horn and the other driver points to the tyres. But as far as safety and fuel economy goes, this is perhaps the biggest variable to consider.

First off, rotating your tyres is not the same as balancing. Rotating is when you switch your front tyres with your rear tyres to keep the wear of the tread even. As most road cars globally are front wheel drive, the front tyres tend to get mightily abused compared with the rear tyres.

Car noises and what to do.

Did you know that your transmission or gearbox as we call it here in Malaysia is likely to be the most expensive part of the car? And while you are told to change almost every fluid in the car every so often, the humble transmission that is a huge part of modern transportation’s success is left to its own devices.

TAYARIA believes in the philosophy of empowering customers with freedom of choice by offering a wide range of multi-brand tyres.

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